A Guide to Interesting Architecture (northern circle)

Route lenght

“In winter, some places are not worth it. For example, you couldn’t really go to Vēveri in December, so maybe it should be pointed out that it is not suitable for winter? It’s a potentially good idea for the route. We stopped in the middle to eat in Ērgļi and stayed by Madona. I guess it’s not even possible to finish all the route in winter when it gets dark quickly. On the way, we saw many ruins of Orthodox churches, but probably you can’t put everything in the route, because then you would have to make a separate route just for them. Maybe you can divide the places into two parts, so that you don’t feel like you can’t fit everything in.”

06.12.2021, 2 days; only the parts of the eastern-northern circle were visited.
Three adults, by car.